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Ali Warren's Hope Lives Publishing offers grounded and passionate authors a platform to bring their stories to the page.

In 2010 I began the process of taking Where Hope Lives from a document on my laptop to a fully edited, copy written and published book. I started from scratch. I literally googled “how to self-publish a book?” and walked myself through the process, tackling one step at a time. I founded Hope Lives Publishing in 2012. When I began the process of finding a publishing company for Where Hope Lives, the interested agencies like parts of my story but wanted to change other parts to make it more “mainstream.” I felt that since the the platform didn’t exist to get my story to it’s audience, I needed to create it. I didn’t do this just for me, but for anyone who has a unique and triumphant story that needs to be heard. I want to take your story and walk it through the same process: starting with your manuscript and ending with a copy of it in your hands.

But first, I want to know who you are. Why do you write? What purpose did your story serve for you? What’s your vision for it? How will your story help the world? Hope Lives Publishing works with authors who are grounded, authentic, passionate and full of purpose. Does that sound like you? Then keep reading…

By purchasing the Hope Lives Publishing Package I will take your manuscript and carry it through the editing process by turning it over to trusted and experienced editors. I will help you create the layout of the book and create the front and back cover designs. I will have your work copy written and will obtain it’s ISBN number through R.R. Bowker, the United States ISBN Agency. I will then have the first 1000 copies shipped to you.

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