The Lesson Plan

Linda Moyer, a literacy coach at Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical School found Where Hope Lives and knew it was the tool she had been looking for to reach her students and to interest them in reading and writing. Lessons were created around themes in Where Hope Lives such as empathy, choice, and forgiveness to give the kids an introspective look at themselves. Ultimately, working through the story positively affected the way the students saw themselves and the people in their lives.

Ali’s message in Where Hope Lives brings relatable challenges and experiences into the classroom and speaks to the heart of anyone who is struggling to find hope in the midst of a challenge. The Where Hope Lives Lesson Plan is geared towards 9-12 graders with themes related to of self-worth, resiliency, overcoming bullying/harassment, and other relevant life issues. Outcomes help strengthen individuals and, ultimately, can improve school climates. Some topics covered include:

  • Student’s beliefs about themselves/what they stand for and what goals they might have for their lives
  • Not living life defined or constrained by other’s perceptions about them
  • Believing in themselves and their right to fulfilling their potential
  • Concepts such as opportunity, choice, prejudice, and reconciliation
  • Determination and perseverance are needed to succeed despite imminent challenges
  • Students have a reason to be hopeful about their futures

Ways to incorporate Where Hope Lives and its message:

  • All-school read
  • Individual classroom read
  • Workshops within the classroom
  • A tool in Student Assistance Programs/counseling settings
  • School assembly presentations

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