The Empowerment Workshops

The Where Hope Lives Empowerment Workshops are a four-part interactive program facilitated by experienced inspirational speaker and self-published author Ali Warren. The workshops are designed to cover different topics including mental health education, overcoming obstacles, self-advocacy, and the importance of seeking help if it’s needed. Through hearing Ali’s true story, working through the activities and hearing from their peers, students will learn that they are not defined by circumstance, experience or other people’s opinions. They will learn how to triumph over past, present and future struggles by harnessing resolve they already have. The Where Hope Lives Empowerment Workshops will inspire the students to become advocates, leaders, and use their voice to speak their truths.

The impact of the event will be ongoing. Each student will leave with a copy of Where Hope Lives and a notebook accompanied with additional resources, thought-provoking writing prompts and discussion topics for parents. Designed for students ranging from 6-12th grade, the Where Hope Lives Empowerment Workshop teaches students that they possess the power to live any kind of life they can dream.

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