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“Ali Rothrock is a firefighter, emergency medical technician, a self-published author, a business owner, an inspirational speaker, a mental health advocate, a suicide prevention instructor, a domestic violence and sexual assault counselor, and a sexual assault and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder survivor…She holds an unprecedented power to touch lives.” Victoria Emanuela




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An Interview with Dr. Nancy O'Reilly

When Ali Warren discovered firefighting, she thought she had found her life’s work. But other firefighters had different ideas. She had to gain self-confidence to overcome the prejudice against the one thing she could not change: being a girl. Ali told her story of empowerment in her book, Where Hope Lives.

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Recorded in the heart of summer, listen to Ali read her story. Ali’s Dad Marc reads the part of Jim.

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There are numerous ways the messages in Where Hope Lives can be further explored.




Where Hope Lives

Where Hope Lives is a debut memoir that explores the true story of Ali Warren’s entry into the adrenaline-fueled world of firefighting. 


Topics I am passionate about:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Growth
  • Empowerment and Resilience
  • Social Justice
  • Gender Equality
  • Rape Culture
  • Mental Health
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Publishing



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“The strength of character which you shared with our group also resonated with me. It reminded me that not one person, or a collective whole, can determine my fate as a person or as a woman. Your inspirational story of how you kept true to your person and character is a strong testament to the importance of identifying ourselves rightly.”

Janelle Ketterer

“Ali Warren’s true story about her dream of becoming a firefighter was extremely moving.  In today’s world we sometimes turn a blind eye to things we knowingly should stop, and we never think about the impact our actions have on others.  Ali’s story is a triumphant tale about a young woman’s pursuit of a career that most told her was out of reach. This book captures you from the first page to the last!”

Todd Pica

“There is an accepted idea of what an inspirational novel should be. I never really enjoyed the coming-of-age, inspirational book. That is, until I read this story. This book captivated me for hours on end and truly left a lasting impression on my life. It may sound childlike to say, but whenever I feel like life is getting too difficult to bare, I think of this story and the struggle it depicts. Once I remember what the author went through I feel like I can conquer anything. The book shattered the mold of an inspirational novel and reformed it into something I could relate to.”

Tim Molnar

“Ali’s presentation was the keynote address for the first night, and as District Chair for RYLA I could not have asked for a better start to RYLA. As she shared her story, it was clear that she had not only the attention of the participants, but of the counselors and planning committee as well.  After sharing her story and fielding questions from the audience, several participants approached her afterwards to continue the discussion. I’m so happy to support Ali and her story of Where Hope Lives for not only is the story inspirational, but combined with Ali’s ability to connect with an audience and seem at ease when speaking, makes for exceptional and impactful storytelling.”

Gary Miller

“Listening to your story helped me to remember that this is what I would like to accomplish in life, and that it is possible – not just a made up dream that may be too hard to obtain, or that others won’t accept. If people let ideas such as these get in the way, no change would ever occur in the world. If you let those ideas get in your way, you wouldn’t be where you are today. So thank you for reminding me to keep my dreams alive, and find my own place where hope lives!”

Alyssa Kalter

“This book began to change everything inside of me page after page…little by little.”

Kelli Gotlieb

“I feel very lucky to have been able to sit in and listen to your experiences. I admire you so much. You were stronger in many situations then I ever could have been. You stood up for yourself, you wrote down your story, and you took initiative to publish your story and help people who may have been in your same situation. You are a true leader, and you are independent. 

Before you came in to give your talk, I guess I was a little naive to think that gender discrimination doesn’t occur in the work force anymore. I was almost shocked to hear your story. But ever since I have heard your story, I am taking more and more notice to discrimination issues that are a big part of our society. They are in everyday messages: magazines, newspapers, movies, TV shows, and commercials. But people like you are making differences, and hopefully someday girls and women will be able to enter certain work forces without facing any discrimination.” 

Jessica Waltersdorff

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